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Who We Are

Kilconnor Charollais is a 60 ewe flock based in County Carlow at the foot of Mount Leinster. The flock was started in 2009 through the purchase of top genetics from Ireland and the UK.

Approach is to purchase the best stock rams available, then use recording and strict culling to produce high performing rams for farmers.

Flock is split in two with half the flock lambing February, and remainder lambing in April. April lambs receive no meal as lambs, are forage feed over the winter with rams being offered for sale as hoggets. The best ewe lambs from the January flock are lambed as hoggets and enter the April flock for their lifetime, and best April born ewe lambs enter the January flock as hoggets.

The flock are run in conjunction with a 700 ewe outdoor lambing mid-season commercial flock. The commerical flock is made up of Mayo Mules, Mule x Lleyn ewes. The commercial flock is run on easy care basis with Mule x Lleyn & Lleyn ewes crossed with Charollais for producing lambs direct for slaughter. Mayo mules and Lleyns are crossed with top recorded rams for breeding replacements.

As off early 2022 the farm is full organic conversion, and all sheep will be fed by food only grown inhouse.

Please check our photos page for pictures of both our pedigree and commercial stock.

Member of LambPlus & Star rated Rams are available throughout the year.

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Mission Statement

To be at the forefront of of sheep breeding in Ireland. Produce the best possible rams for each individual commercial farmer and increasing the percentage of grass only raised lambs year on year